Did you know you can make your own filler?

Vitamin C is an important building block of great skin. But it’s only as good as its ability to get where your body needs it. Sadly you’re absorbing a small fraction of what’s shown on the label of your Vitamin C bottle. It may read 1000mg but that’s not what you’re absorbing and if you’re lacking Vitamin C, taking collagen will have no effect because collagen needs Vitamin C to be properly assimilated. 

Make sure you’re taking liposomal Vitamin C. Under a microscope, liposomes are microscopic balls of fat, that carry an inner payload of water-soluble vitamin C. Tiny enough to pass through a cell’s membrane effortlessly, they deliver this skin rejuvenation activator right where it’s needed. That’s why some call it the natural filler! Liposomes also protect the Vitamin C from digestion oxidation before it can be absorbed into your cells.

If you know me, you know how I love scientific studies. Some of my friends call it the bonus they get from hanging out with me. Notice I said “some” lol. 

A recent detailed imaging assessment revealed:

Those who took 1000mg of liposomal Vitamin C daily showed a 35% increase in skin firmness and an 8% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

And that’s at only 1000mg! Growing up a kid in the Arizona sunshine–I got pretty excited as the study went on to show where sun damage was even reversed! The evidence is overwhelming…

Liposomes are the best way to deliver Vitamin C into the skin cells.

I’m reminding you today that liposomal Vitamin C is needed to help build and maintain your collagen matrix, providing smooth, youthful-looking skin. Because when glowing skin and chakra balance come together? Well dang, the words that come to mind are “Warrior Goddess” and “stunning”.

See you Tuesday. I love Tuesdays!

Make sure you are using a quality vitamin, there are many junk brands with great marketing out there. This is the one I take, I’ve tested it. I’m not paid for this mention, just sharing what works. Find it with the pink button below.

You were so cute when you were little

From the time you were a young, diaper-wearing whippersnapper the words of others have been coming at you. The ideas and thought-forms of the “adults in the room” have been floating past you and sometimes fired at you, including ideas about how you should feel, what you should do, and even how you should look. Whether for good or bad we weather that until we decide that it’s okay to be who we are. Sadly, sometimes energetic knots of self-doubt or cords of anxiety are left behind for us to wrangle. 

I swear I was born to be the one to tell you that you are more beautiful than you may think! And if you don’t feel beautiful today, I’m reminding you that you have more control over that than you may realize.

When your centers are aligned you begin to feel like your true self. Without the energetic “stuff” of others hanging around, you are lighter and more joyful.

And yes, absolutely YES–all of the above has everything to do with the brightness of your face and firmness of your skin.

It. Absolutely. Does.

Judas H. Priest, I love Tuesdays!!!

Balanced energy feels like joy!

Balanced energy feels like joy! It radiates outward from your centers, into your face, and into your life!

When your energy centers are in balance, your skin has a glow. Just one of the wonderful perks that come with our Tuesday practice. 

Other benefits you’ll notice:

More toned and lifted facial volumeReduced jowls and double chinImproved immune functionLooking younger than your ageMore resistance to stressBrighter more agile countenance

And you deseerve all of that!

I honestly don’t know how anyone lives without this mirror. You can see your face up close enough to blend edges and smooth corners to create a flawless, professional make up application. I use mine–Every. Single. Day. Check your brows, your chin, to confidently groom what needs to be groomed. You feel me? As my mother would say, “nuf said”.

Between this and Tuesday class, you may start to hear, “Gee, you look good today, what are you doing?” Give them that special twinkle of yours and warmly say thank you. And as you humbly glance away, make sure you nob slowly and smile. I mean you wouldn’t want to blow them away or anything.

Reverse Aging Energy Facial

Loa sitting on a lime green couch in a meditation pose

May 10, 2022

Hey beautiful,

     You’ll find a quagmire of unreliable information from “the box of truth”–that’s what my son calls the internet. And it must be carefully vetted, especially when it comes to your face! The current face yoga and skin care information on the world wide web is not always accurate. Much of it is a waste of time and some of it actually does more harm than good. The fusion we use on Tuesdays–The Loa Method, is a precision application of:

Energy Medicine, face yoga, spinal alignment, physical therapy, and Gua Sha technique.

 When practiced regularly you notice more than firmer skin; you feel more grounded, more joyful, with inner calm. Because self-healing begins to flow through every part of you. You begin to see the subtleties of time dial back. 

There are so many beautiful parts to you! There is so much more to you my darling, magical dove, than a few muscles wrapped around a skull. 

I hope you are celebrating wonderful mothers all around you. Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ll see you in class.

Love & health,


Reverse Aging Energy Lift

May 3, 2022

When we get together on Tuesdays, it is YOUR time. Taking time to reconnect with yourself is nothing short of holy.

It is your time to:

Re-balance your energy centers

Connect to the stillness of your mind

Tone the muscles of your face

Lift the overall structure of your face

Brighten the light that radiates from your beautiful face

Slow your aging process down

Raise your happiness setpoint

Just a little tip:

Make sure you have a kit that is easily accessible and includes everything you need. Here’s my kit:

It includes:

Eye cream, various essential oils, depending on how I feel. A water spritz, I like this petite size of Evian, my gua sha tool–I use a rose quartz or amethyst tool. A few soft felt (coasters) pads to set the gua sha tools on so as I move them around the house during the week–they have a soft place to land. We all need a soft place to land! Neck/decollete cream, hyaluronic acid. I alternate for class use but always apply HA first thing each morning. A heavier face cream for when my skin feels dry. #Sonoranfreakingdesert A thin make-up brush, a chopstick would work; we use these once every couple of months. And apparently, a Jerry Lee Lewis matchbox which I don’t know why it’s there, just that the Killer himself gave it to me a few years ago and it landed in this antique box

I would love to see a picture of your kit! Please send it to me and let me know if it’s ok to share it here.

-A friend of mine received a swag bag from a hoity-toity event she attended in Los Angeles. She knows how I am about trying as many new products as I can–as I can. So she gave me this exfoliant from her swag bag which I had never seen before. I was blown away! I am gifted products from cosmetic companies pretty much every week. This is a favorite that I actually pay for and refuse to run out of. I spend about two minutes in polishing mode–using a firm, circular motion all over my face. Wow, does it brighten the skin! I use it three times a week.

Side bar: Use cool to warm water with this–NOT hot.

Yay for Tuesday!

For class April 26, 2022 9am PST, noon EST

You sparkling, amazing beauty,

Just a little tip:

You build good skin from the inside out. Collagen supplies the building blocks to help your body create plumper skin and denser bones. When you get it from the foods you eat–collagen is easily absorbed and readily used by your body. So, eat your way to glowing skin!

Top 7 foods to build your collagen and promote its absorption:

1. Bone broth, ever made it from scratch? It’s eyes-roll-back-in-your-head delicious!

2. Responsibly raised beef, chicken, and fish

3. Eggs, I’m feelin’ a frittata coming on…

4. Berries

5. Garlic

6. Leafy greens

7. Bell peppers

You asked if there was a secret to keeping your makeup smoothly blended. The first thing is using good tools. Here is the blush brush I use. I like the size and the angle. Hit the pink button above for more info!

I’ll see you in class. I can’t wait!

Love & health,