Hi, I’m Loa. L O A as in “Love One Another”. I help clients release their anxiety and reverse their aging process. It began when I was a makeup artist in Hollywood; I traveled the world in private jets and had many incredible adventures in the Entertainment Industry. There were lessons I could not have learned anywhere else and when I left it was a natural segue to where I am now. I learned about the energy of beauty and wholeness, and that the human spirit has intelligence. I know now that authentic beauty really does come from within. As a nutritionist and Energy Medicine Practitioner, I’ll guide you to the most efficient path of healing. You don’t need to suffer, I’ll walk you through it step by step.

My years in the beauty and wellness industries have brought me to know this one truth; it’s all about energy. Your thoughts, health, mood, strength, your aging process, your internal sparkle, all of it–it’s all about energy. Reach out for more information.

Loa Blasucci

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1:1 Call with Loa
Energetic Evaluation and Consulation

Your story lives in the tissues and cells of your body. It also lives in the energy systems that run through you and around you. We pay so much attention to the shape, weight, and muscles of the body but, there is so much more to you! When your energy is out of balance, you are more open to pain, disease, anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue. You have intricate systems that can help. Your chakras, meridians, and your auric field, all need to be managed and kept in alignment so you function and feel your best. As an Etheric Clairvoyant, I’m here to help. And don’t get too excited–that just means I read the body and am able to help you more efficiently find a problem so you don’t waste time and money. The part that really lights me up is watching the many unexpected ways your life uplevels as you come into alignment. Let’s have a conversation.

Mind Body Sculpt Fridays 

“Loa Flow” as it’s been tagged is a fusion of energy medicine, yoga, and pilates in a joint-friendly, body-sculpting format. Unlike other yoga classes, chakra balancing exercises flow throughout the class to revive your spirit and brighten your energy. For this group class you’ll need a foam roller, mat, and stretch bands.

5 Rules To Reverse Aging

My step-by-step guide to the five main rules to reverse the signs of aging the natural way. These 5 rules are distilled down into simple steps to help you slow down and even reverse the process of aging in your body. 


The ultimate vacation experience.

It’s the perfect setting for healing, inspiration, and relaxation. I’ll create an unforgettable experience you’ll be happy to share with your group.  

Whether in a cabin in the mountains or on a private beach, the experience can be life changing.

Reach out and we’ll discuss the needs of your group. References upon request.

Loa Gear

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My Blog

I love making sense out of energy and science. I’m sharing my thoughts here in a concise way because I know you’re busy. And long, wordy, all-about-the-writer blogs are kind of an eye roll. If you have specific questions, reach out through the tab and I’ll try to cover it for you.

My Favorite Everyday Products

I get asked constantly what I use. So I’ve put it all here for you; my skin care, workout gear, cosmetics, supplements…here you go! And check back occasionally for updates.