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Udemy Course: Energetic Uncoupling

A breakup can change you forever. Healing your heart and spirit requires a different set of tools than healing a broken arm. I’ll take you through a specific set of exercises that will help you recover your joyful self, call back your spirit, and restore your energy. Let’s consider what you’ve been through, or what you are experiencing right now, and work towards the new you.  

Udemy Course: Heal Your Kitchen, Heal Your Body

Whatever your health concerns are–weight loss, soothing anxiety, depression, preventing illness such as cancer or diabetes–your kitchen is the most important space in your home. I’ll show you how to set your kitchen up, so you can create meals that heal you. It is easier than you think to start right were you are with what you have. I’ll go through step by step and as you follow along, you’ll get stronger, slimmer, sexier.

Face Yoga with Energy Medicine

My work in Hollywood began a lifetime of studying the aging process of the face. This fusion brings a refreshing healthy glow to the skin–the radiance you want to have before makeup goes on. You’ll notice improved circulation, firmer muscle tone, less puffiness in the face, and a boost in facial brightness. The added benefits? Less muscle tension, a calmer mind and pure stress relief. I love the little smile you’ll have when your friends ask, you look great, what’s going on?

“Face Yoga with Loa provides opportunity to take time for self-care and self-awareness. Loa nurtures your inner spirit and reminds you that beauty is as much from within as it is on the outside. In addition she provides an environment of community and acceptance making you feel connected and special.”

– Shibani Ray

45 minutes
Tuesday at 9:00am PST


Mind Body Sculpt

“Loa Flow” as it’s been tagged is a fusion of energy medicine, yoga, Pilates, and meditation in a joint-friendly, body-sculpting format. Chakra balancing exercises flow throughout the class to revive your spirit and brighten your energy. In each class we strengthen the spine, sculpt the frame, and purify your healing energy. I designed this class to slow the aging process and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

“Loa’s Mind Body Sculpt class is truly transformative. Even if I start the class feeling stressed & anxious with muscle soreness, after flowing through class with Loa, I feel calm, relaxed and open. I often describe her class as “life changing” and “magical” — it’s an incredible gift I give myself each week.”

– Marie Queen

75 minutes.
Fridays at 10:00am PST


Special Classes: Springtime Meditation

Springtime reminds us of the beautiful cycle of new beginnings and growth. We’ll honor this cycle and welcome the first day of Spring (March 20th) and the March equinox with the intention to continue to blossom into our true selves. Settle into a quiet space, power down, and have on hand a light blanket, small pillow, your mat, and any meditation gear that makes you comfortable. We’ll enjoy a light stretch with energy medicine for releasing the past, and chakra balance to allow us to move ahead with ease. Time to bloom! I am looking forward to this, I hope you join me.

More information to come once you have signed up. 

Saturday March 20 2021 10:00am PST


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