For 35 years it was my job to have the very best cosmetics that money could buy. It didn’t matter what part of the world it came from, or how much it cost, I wanted the A-list actor or celebrity in my make-up chair to feel relaxed knowing I had their back; whatever they needed. I even made sure I had options for them.

This began years of trial and error, contacting companies, reading labels, knowing everything that was on the market, and making sure I had the very best of the best. That practice has stayed with me to this day.

The laws in this country do not protect our health, they are more focussed on profits than the rising rates of cancer in our country. So I still do the research, and always will. And since I’m asked all the time what I use for my skin products, supplements, mascara, yoga mat, etc, etc, and on and on; I have created a list where you can find it all. 

So here you go my friends; here are some of my favorite health and beauty items. Everything listed here is part of my personal routine, as I rotate products often. I hope this helps save you some time, money, and energy. I may add to or update this list from time to time so be sure to check back.

Wishing you love and health,


Fitness Gear Favorites

 Yoga Mat

I’ve spent countless hours training on a Manduka pro mat. They are the cleanest–they don’t absorb sweat like other mats and they last forever. You can’t wear them out, they get better over time. I love how they feel solid underneath me.

Foam Roller

I always say; the best investment in your future body is a foam roller. I use this one almost everyday. Game changer. If you have low muscle tone you may want to start with a smooth one first. Reduces pain, sculpts the body and reduces cellulite.

Chirp Wheel

One of my favorite new things. Great for conditioning and straightening the spine.

Trigger Point Ball

A must have. Just sit on it! Eases back tension and pain and keeps your hips loose so you walk and move like the sexy beast you are.

Stretch Bands

This set is my favorite because they are firm and have more body than most bands so I get a more supported stretch with them

Accupressure Mat Set

When I feel achy or need to brighten my aura, scratch my back or clear my mind – I lay on this mat for 15 minutes. I use this as needed, not on a set schedule. Sometimes it is just what I need.

Ab Mat

This keeps my back supported so I can challenge myself, add reps and change up the exercises. Airplane lifts (on tummy with Ab Mat under pelvis lifting chest and legs off floor) are amazing for posture and back strength.

Dumbbell Weights – 8lbs

Dumbbell Weights – 10lbs

I use 8 and 10 pound weights for my strength training. I practice a lot of yoga but change up my workouts and add sets with weights when I feel I need to gain strength and add muscle tone.

Apex Cervical Orthosis

To manage aging in the face as well as upper cervical spine health, this is worth its weight in gold. I tuck it in at the curve of my neck and rest on it for two to three minutes a day. Prevents upper body aging, reduces pain, and improves neck rotation. For anyone who has a phone or device (everyone)

How I Care For My Skin

Red Light Therapy Device

I have learned to make tea with one hand because of this device! lol Most mornings I use the red light therapy for 5 to 10 minutes as I’m moving around the house first thing. I find this treatment to be one of the most effective skin healing treatments you can do at home. Over time your skin appears newer, more toned. I love mine.

Dermaplaning Tool 

Dermaplaning promotes collagen production in your skin. Try not to think of it or use it as a shaver, it is more than that and requires a different technique. It works best when you lay it closer to the skin, press gently making three passes going downward and three going upward. I can really see the glow it brings to my skin.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose quartz is one of my favorite crystals because it is full of love, making it the perfect material for a gua sha. It is great for lymphatic drainage and reducing under-eye puffiness. It can also help drain liquid from the neck.

BioSil Collagen Generator

For my skin, hair, joints, and bones. This is my favorite of all collagen supplements. There is a patent on the formula for good reason. It binds to your own collagen–this is huge and much preferred to how the body uses most supplements.

Frankincense Essential Oil

I use it at least three times per week as an anti-aging treatment; six drops massaged into my face at night. Healing to the skin and helps me sleep too. This one is organic.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I like this brand and love the big pump bottle. It sits within arms reach in my bathroom as I use it morning and night, every day.

Wall Mount Mirror

I don’t know how anyone lives without this. Once you own one you won’t know how you got along without it. Game changer.

Lifetrons Beauty Ultra Facial Lift

I use light therapy to boost collagen production and help to repair sun damage I may have gotten as a kid in the bright sun of Arizona. I use it in the morning, while I have tea or sometimes I’ll just take a moment to calm myself and think about the day. I use the muscle tightening attachment less often but I love it too.


Yeah I know tons of gadgets…if I had a nickel for…nevermind. Name it I’ve tried it. The Nuface has a toning effect. I know there are many options, for me this is my current go-to. I use it a few times a week and before important photos or meetings. But I am just now trying a next level machine. I’ll let you know.

Soft Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

I am a big believer in proper exfoliation and I rely on it to keep my skin smooth. I use these every single day, with an herbal toner I make myself. I buff gently in a circular motion and follow with hyaluronic acid.

Facial Toner

I use this morning and night with an exfoliating cotton pad to keep my skin texture smooth and bright. Sometimes I splash it on and pat the skin to bring circulation and promote collagen.

Night Cream

I love how this night cream absorbs into the skin and does not feel greasy. I notice my skin feels plumper when I wake up after using it. 

Kaplan MD Diamond Contour Supercharged Daily Facial

A dear friend of mine had business with a cosmetic executive executive and was given a swag bag of skin care items. She had too many products going at the time and gave me the swag bag. This product was in it and what a stroke of luck! I hadn’t seen this exfoliant before and immediately fell in love with this diamond cleanser. I use it religiously 3 times a week. I adore this product—it brightens my skin, leaving it fresh and feeling polished. Absolutely a favorite of mine. I massage four pumps in a circular motion all over my face for 2-3 minutes, avoiding the eye area, rinse well. Love it!

Makeup & Self Care Basics


Ok, finding the right mascara is tough–you could search your whole life (and I have) and still wonder if you have the right one. This one is buildable and one of my current favorites. This is the best price I’ve found it at.

To Brighten and Highlight

Different than a concealer, this has a brightening effect so I use it as a highlighter. With a little skill this gem takes years out of the face and freshens your appearance when used correctly.

Lip Gloss

As a content creator, I often get asked about my lip color. This is what I’m usually wearing when they ask. I love the workable shade of this grapefruit color, it goes with everything. I love that I can switch up my lip liners and create various shades with the right balance of color and shine. Not too sticky and lasts a long time. It’s super clean and non-toxic. Remember anything you put on your lips has to be!

Eye Pencil

It’s important to use clean cosmetics–especially around your eyes! I choose this eye pencil because the formula is cleaner than most eye pencils. But it still has to do the job and I love how this one goes on smoothly. It’s easy to work with and create a professionally blended look. I use black most days but the taupe looks super cool when going for a no makeup look.


The stick makes this fast and easy to use and it blends like a dream. This is my go-to for cheek color. It lasts a long time and gives a smooth, dewy skin look.

Blush Stick

Summertime cheek color, it’s slightly more sheer and blendable. I also use a little bit on my lips and it’s just enough. 

Blush Brush

People ask me how I get my makeup to look smooth–it’s the tool as much as it is the product. A blush brush is an important tool–one you don’t want to skimp on. You need a good one. I use this one because it’s made well, the size is perfect so you don’t over-apply, and the angle helps create a smooth application. A good makeup brush is an investment. I’ve had this one for a few years (I keep it clean), it’s still like new.

(Check back soon, I’ve got something new and better. 

Brow Microfilling Pen

The three tiny points give you a natural-looking brow finish, you only need a few strokes and your brows are fuller looking. Great for thinning or light brows or when you need a more defined shape. Love this new pencil – I use light brown.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

I keep a roller bottle loaded with this oil for use as an antibacterial on face blemishes, cuts/scrapes and for on the go hand sanitizer. It’s a great mouth rinse, so many uses for skin, nails, and body!

Roller Ball Applicators for Essential Oils/Fragrances

I gave up perfumes years ago–they are deadly hormone disruptors and can make you tired, cranky, and very ill. I began blending essential oils until I created a fragrance that feels fresh, sexy, and lifts my mood when I apply it. I use these roller bottles to blend oils for my own fragrance and as gifts for friends. I keep several on hand with different oils to apply according to how I feel. Cheap bottles don’t last, the balls don’t always fit and can be a frustrating mess. I like the quality of these and the fit of the bamboo lid is very nice. Using oils instead of perfume is a game changer.

Essential Oil Caddy

The rollers fit nicely into this caddy and I can see what I’m reaching for as I use my oils throughout the day. I can reapply easily as the need arises. I keep this caddy within arms reach–it’s a daily go-to.

Natural Nail Buffer

When Covid hit, I took off all my nail polish and let my nails breathe. It’s been wonderful. I use this to get rid of ridges and keep them smooth and shiny, I keep it close by and when I’m on the phone or sitting still, I pick it up and buff the tops of my nails until they shine.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot is part of the blend I make for my personal fragrance, it has a clean, citrus aroma. I also keep a roller applicator of just Bergamot to rub on the center of my chest and wrists as it can lift your mood and cheer you up. It also lowers cholesterol, reduces stress and is anti-inflammatory. I like this brand for this oil because it is cold pressed and organic.

K aplan MD Purifying Foam Cleanser

This foaming cleanser is wonderful at removing makeup. It leaves my face clean but not too dry feeling and that’s a strong criteria for me. I want my skin clean but not stripped and feeling dry. Remember to do some face yoga as you wash your face.

Hair Care Products

Shampoo & Conditioner

This makes my hair move and behave the way I like it to. With noticeably way more body and fullness if I use this set. I use all of these pretty much every time I shampoo. Except the mouse is only for when I need holding power.

Leave In Treatment

This is my favorite product in the line.

Body Builder Hairspray

This spray is light, adds body and thickness without looking like you’re wearing hairspray. Very different from most sprays and you can set the dial for the weight you prefer.

Hair Mousse

I occasionally use it for photo shoots and special events.

Nutrient Related Products


I attended a Medical Conference this year and several renowned Oncologists shared from their research that a very high percentage of their patients were low in magnesium. There’s not as much magnesium in soil as there used to be. So I take this supplement. Check with your professionals.


I am cautious about how many supplements I take and I do not take them gratuitously. However, I noticed the science-based health benefits of selenium. Check with your professionals. This is the one I prefer.

Organic Honey

Those who know me know I am a honey snob. I consume quality organic honey everyday. It’s a healing agent to the body in many ways. This one is nice.

Dr. Mercola Astaxanthin

Free radicals are everywhere and this is one of the most powerful agents at clearing them out. Known to go after the ROS in skin which reduces natural moisturizer, so it’s super for glowing skin. An antinflammatory; also great for the condition of your liver.

Dr. Mercola Hydrogen Supplement

I take this for energy and to slow the aging process of my skin. The U.S. has been slow to get behind hydrogen water but many atheletes and professionals use it.

D r. Mercola Vitamin C Supplement

An excellent quality vitamin C, I take this daily. And recommend the one for children.

Vitamin C for children

Lifestyle Miscellaneous Must-Haves That Bring Me Joy

Spray Bottles for Safe Household Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaning products have harsh chemicals that disrupt hormone balance, mess with your mood, expedite aging, and cause illness. These are my favorite spray bottles that allow me to make my own household cleaners. I use 2 C water, 1 C vinegar, 1 tsp soda, 14 drops peppermint essential oil and 10 drops orange essential oil. The oils can be adjusted according to your preference and needs. But the main thing is; to stop the flow of harmful chemicals coming into your lovely home. I’ve tried many spray bottles and in the long run these last the best and save money and time.

Peppermint Essential Oil

I use this organic oil to make a household cleaner (in the spray bottles also on this list) that I wash floors, walls, and pretty much anything with. Peppermint oil is good for headaches, nausea, rubbed on the tummy for stomach upset, it also curbs appetite. It’s a good oil to have on hand. If you have crawling pets replace peppermint with orange or tea tree when cleaning floors.

One of my Favorite Scents on the Planet

This scent is hypnotic and sexy. It’s one of my all time favorites. I use it for just winding down towards the end of the day and just calming down in general. I love it. 

The Coolest Tea Pot

I am a tea snob. I make good tea. I look forward to it every single morning. Jasmine pearls are my favorite. I use this bottom drip pot to brew loose leaves.

Every. Morning. I love the ritual and I love this pot.

Organic Jasmine Pearls Loose Tea

Green tea lowers cholesterol, supports heart health, helps with weight loss and lowers the risk of cancer. Jasmine is my favorite green tea. It’s aromatic, lightly floral and every morning I can’t wait to hold the cup near my face and breathe. So yummy, makes me so happy. These pearls can get expensive–this is a good quality tea at a reasonable price. I love it.

Organic African Red Bush Tea

One of my favorites for later in the day. Rooibos tea is caffeine-free and antioxidant rich. It reduces inflammation and pain in the body and has a soothing rich flavor–I love it with a splash of maple syrup or honey. I love this one because I’m a purist and enjoy the flavor of red bush without a bunch of flavorings added to it.

Blue Light Glasses

You already know I’m a glasses freak. The blue light blocking helps me sleep. These came with the coolest blue light to check them with and a carrier, case and cleaner. Really cool set up.

(I’m updating this item, please come back.)

Alo Yoga Top

I like this top, the quality and feel is really nice, well made, washes up like new and gives a good shape.

Lululemon Power Y Workout Top

I like the shape of this top, it works great for intense training and works great under clothes as a shaping camisole as well. They simply do not wear out! Geez, I have beat mine up for years and they still look great.

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